About Us

DeSa Technologies s.r.l. (DeSaTech) stands as a qualified interlocutor committed to face and satisfy, with advanced, safe and certified solutions, all the requirements in the audiovisual and lighting fields.


Daniele de Santis (in the middle) with some Team members

Private and public events, conferences, theatrical performances, film screenings, discos, musicals, conferences.  In constant growth, DeSaTech is preparing to compete with the audiovisual and lighting service leaders in Rome and Italy and in a few years to dominate, thanks to its professionalism, reliability and punctuality, the services market for shows.   For 10 years, DeSaTech has expanded its field of action to multimedia installations for museums, festivals, fairs and individuals, succeeding in creating, with great precision, respect for the place and punctuality, the client’s requests. From large audio systems for home theater arenas, electrical systems and certified LAN for private and public administration. A solid base of computer knowledge supports and completes the company structure. 360 ° versatility.



Furthermore, DeSaTechnologies s.r.l. completes the consulting by implementing the proposed projects and offering the customer  provision and assistance Hardware and Software. The interventions are carried out by specialized personnel composed of professionals with strong business skills and technological knowledge, specialized in audio-video and with a strong propensity for teamwork. The DeSa Technologies S.r.l. is a young company but is structured on an intense consultancy and management activity as well as operative of its founder Daniele De Santis, 10 years at the MAXXI Museum and 13 at the University of Rome La Sapienza, without excluding the adjuvant activity in architecture studies, law firms and individuals in general.