DeSaTech is a specialist in assisting with activities and the provision of interpreting services and uses Bosch Integrus, a digital infrared system for language distribution (the safest and most used system in the world for interpreter and receiver stations) and compliant booths to the ISO 4043 standard.  The assiduous and consolidated relationships of collaboration with the best and the best performers in business in Italy and Europe complete the company profile and guarantee to DeSaTech a prominent position in the offer of these services:  


  • Simultaneous interpreting   

Service indicated for the types of events in which interventions in different languages ​​are planned or in which the participation of an audience of various nationalities is expected.     

  • Consecutive interpreting   

Consecutive interpreting is often indicated for those events where only one person is expected to speak in a language different from that of the audience.

  • Interpretation in chuchotage 

 Indicated when the translation is necessary to a few people without the aid of acoustic instruments and is strongly discouraged in the presence of other translators in the same room. 

  • Liaison interpreting   

Technique used for less formal events and with few participants and in which there is not an intervention ladder and the interlocutors can interrupt.    

  • Simultaneous interpretation bidule method  

Used mostly for itinerant translations such as guided tours. Therefore it does not provide soundproof booths. It is sometimes possible to use a headset and a microphone for amplification  


Here are other services offered by DeSaTech pre and post conference:      



Translation of material relating to the conference


Interpreting - Interpretariato - Eventi

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