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DeSa Technologies s.r.l. (DeSaTech) is an audio video and lighting service and operates mainly in Rome and Italy, offering professional services for shows, conventions, cinemas, talkshows, radio, television, etc ..

Contextually to the services the generic Audio Video Services offer, DeSaTech is specialized in the preparation of exhibitions and assistance in artistic performances and has learned to satisfy the needs of artists and curators, ensuring the desired aesthetic results in design, in compliance with the safety criteria and the constraints of the location.


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Piccolo impianto audio per DjSet e luci LED RGBW a batteria per evento privato————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

 Lights and audio for a private party in a prestigious villa romana——————————————————————————————————-—————————————————————


Visit the website and discover all our services: we take care of your event at 360 °. From the rental of systems or individual audio, video and light professional equipment to assistance for events with professionals in the sector.

Sound, lighting and Video. We pay special attention to the “cleaning” of the exhibition, whether temporary for an event or permanent for an exhibition. The cable passage lines are always cut off and protected with standard raceways for the safety of the participants; the audio / video and lighting equipment are integrated into the environment, enrich it with their elegant and innovative design, fill it with quality …